Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival

April 25th-29th, 2017 – at Intrepid Theatre

The 2nd Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival is over! The festival was a sold-out success that celebrated the most innovative improvised theatre from across North America. The festival featured special guests from Vancouver, Montréal, and Portland!

For five nights our audience enjoyed Paper Street Theatre's award-winning improv. With two shows every night, plus late night mash-ups Friday/Saturday, the festival was jam packed with creativity. There were shows from Paper Street Theatre, Chris and Travis, Meags Fitzgerald, Domeka Parker and Deep End Theater, and ensembles made up of your favourite local improvisers!

Schedule of Events

Tuesday April 25th

Local Cabaret: To kick off this year's festival we're shining the spotlight on Victoria's local talent. Come and see members of Paper Street Theatre, VIKES Improv, Underground Comedy Collective, and more in this cabaret-style evening of improv!

Ants: Paper Street Theatre's Byron Kjeldsen and Nicole Olszewski are Ants. A kafkaesque absurd storytelling show that follows two characters through the mundanity of life.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm

Wednesday April 26th

Echoes: Some things you hear resonate more than others. In this long-form improvisation, the festival ensemble will echo each other's characters and weave multiple narratives together. Directed by Meags Fitzgerald from Montreal.

We're so Strong: Dave Morris and Meags Fitzgerald have known each other for a very long time, and they're still friends. See why as this duo delights you with their imaginative and playful improv.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm

Thursday April 27th

Midnight's Curtain: Paying homage to the pulp tales found in the pages of magazines like Astounding Stories or Tales of Wonder comes this haunting storytelling show. The festival ensemble will tell two short stories that explore the novelty, ideas, scares, absurd science, and cheap thrills of vintage pulp horror. Directed by Travis Bernhardt from Vancouver.

The Fourth Wall: Paper Street Theatre presents an improvised play that breaks the fourth wall. Enjoy the poetic language, patience and theatrical staging you've come to love from Paper Street as they create two poignant narratives on stage.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm

Friday April 28th

Open Shut Them: Get ready for a wild ride in the style of classic British farces such as The Importance of Being Earnest. This improvised play will be full of exaggerated characters, incomprehensible plots and yes, too many opening and closing doors. Directed by Domeka Parker from Portland.

Chris and Travis: The high-energy duo of Travis Bernhardt and Chris Ross scribble outside the lines of improv comedy with their hilarious and surreal show. Without using English (or any language) they delight the audience every night.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm

Saturday April 29th

True Stories: The festival ensemble will create an improvised piece of theatre that weaves together stories from their real lives and stories from their imaginations, finding the place where the two meet, and letting the audience decide what is real. Directed by Dave Morris from Victoria.

Mirrors: Through this improvised play these five women from Deep End Theater will use traditional theatrical devices, compelling storytelling, surprising wit and passion, to shock and delight you with this no holds barred exploration of womanhood.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm

Other Events

On the weekend stay late to get a taste of Paper Street's famous mash-ups! On Friday and Saturday night at 10pm the festival ensemble will mix and mash some of Paper Street's most beloved styles. Buckle up for Tarantino Austen (Friday) and Science Fiction Western (Saturday).

Take a workshop to learn more about the art of improv from our visiting guests. See below for more details.

Our Guests

Meags Fitzgerald

Meags Fitzgerald is a Montreal based illustrator and storyteller. Over the last 12 years, Meags has performed and taught improv in theatres across Canada, in the United States and Australia. In recent years she was an ensemble member at Toronto’s COMBUSTIONfestival, at Halifax’s East Coast Improv Festival, and at the Vancouver International Improv Festival. With her troupe Quest of the Dragon King, she’s performed at the Ottawa Improv Festival and toured the Northeastern USA. Meags is also an award-winning graphic novelist and an aspiring circus aerialist.

Deep End Theater

Deep End Theater is committed to exploring the theatrical road less traveled, with a focus on daring improvisational theatre, devised and immersive theatre. We are skilled actors, improvisers, teachers and comedians, actively broadening the horizons of traditional theatre with new works, a unique perspective and deep passion. We aim to go deeper, play harder, reach further, and we invite you to join us.

Chris & Travis

Travis Bernhardt and Chris Ross scribble outside the lines of improv comedy with their high energy, hilarious, and surreal two-man show. Their extreme physicality, endearingly strange characters, and commitment to entertain by any means necessary have surprised and delighted audiences across Canada.

Formed in 2015, Chris & Travis have been selected twice for the Vancouver International Improv Festival, sold out their run at the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival, and emerged victorious in the 2016 Vancouver Cagematch Tournament of Champions.


We have three workshops being offered during the festival! One from each of our visiting guests. You can sign up individually, or sign up for all three using our Festival Workshop Package option and save yourself $30!


A workshop designed to create impactful, provocative work through the theatrical devices of sharing movement, choral voice and periphery awareness. You'll learn to listen and observe with care, build stories based on those observations, and discover the scene as it emerges rather then struggling to invent quick witty jokes or plot points.


  • Saturday, April 29th, 10am-1pm
    @ Intrepid Theatre
    Instructor: Domeka Parker
  • $50 (+GST)

Registration Closed

Full-Body Characters:

Learn to build a character using your whole body! Meags Fitzgerald will take you through a series of on-your-feet character focused exercises that will take your scene work to the next level. Using her experience working with Montreal Improv and Rapid Fire Theatre, she'll show you how to step on stage in character, and step off stage as a better improviser.

Full-Body Characters:

  • Sunday, April 30th, 10am-1pm
    @ Intrepid Theatre
    Instructor: Meags Fitzgerald
  • $50 (+GST)

Registration Closed

Clown for Improvisers

Want to pump up your stage presence? Connect with your audience more directly, and expand your imagination and physical range? Using techniques from the world of clown and bouffon, Chris and Travis will teach you to find the excitement in anything, how to see through the fourth wall, and how to instantly connect and find games with your scene partners and the audience — sometimes without even saying a word.