Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival

April 9th-13th, 2019 – at Intrepid Theatre

To celebrate its fourth year, instead of bringing in four companies, the Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival brought in four directors.

This year's festival featured the Four Corners Collective: artistic directors from improv companies in Calgary, Red Deer, Victoria and Portland. Plus, a powerhouse ensemble of improvisers from around the Pacific Northwest! Each night audiences enjoyed ensemble shows directed by the Four Corners as well as feature sets by these accomplished artistic directors. It was an exciting week of improv that felt like theatre.

The Four Corners are: Owen Chan (Calgary), Jenna Goldade (Red Deer), Domeka Parker (Portland), and Victoria's own, Dave Morris.

The Festival Ensemble was: Olivia Karpyshyn (Victoria), Tim Greger (Bellingham), Isabelle Sinclair (Calgary), Chris Gabel (Victoria), Mariah Munoz (Portland), Liz Colangelo (Victoria), Ash Mercia (Red Deer), Dominik Buconjic (Calgary), DK Reinemer (Everywhere), Taylor Montalbetti (Victoria), Scott Thompson (Hamilton).

Full schedule below.

Schedule of Events

April 9th

Local Night: To kick off this year's festival we're shining the spotlight on Victoria's local talent. Come and see members of Esquimalt High School's improv team, UVIC's VIKES Improv, and local sweethears First Time Last, in this cabaret-style evening of improv!

Speakeasy: ‘SpeakEasy’ is the improvised poetry duo of Dave Morris and Missie Peters. Together they have performed their unique blend of theatre and poetry around the world including festivals in London, Amsterdam, Romania, and Berlin. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh-cry.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm
@ Intrepid Theatre

April 10th - 13th

The Festival Ensemble: Each night the festival ensemble will perform a piece created that day under the direction of one of our visiting directors.

The Four Corners Collective: The second half of each show will feature a new format created by the Four Corners themselves.

Tickets: $15
Show: 8pm
@ Intrepid Theatre

Other Events

On the weekend stay late to get a taste of Paper Street's famous mash-ups! On Friday and Saturday night at 10pm the festival ensemble will mix and mash some of Paper Street's most beloved styles. Buckle up for Tarantino-Austen on Friday and Rockets and Ravens (Bradbury/Poe) on Saturday. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Public workshops will be offered to give Victorians a chance to learn more about the art of improv from our visiting guests. More details below.

The Four Corners Collective

Domeka Parkers

Domeka Parker is owner and Artistic Director of Deep End Theater in Portland Oregon. Raised by professional actors who excelled in scripted and improvised theater, Domeka was gifted with a childhood full of creative inspiration, lessons in acting, stage craft, improv and getting by on very little money. She has trained under some of the worlds most prolific performance instructors and has been teaching improvisational theater for 13 years. Domeka has dedicated the past 10 years to developing an approach to improvisational theater that creates exceptional, innovative and provocative theatrical work. Her philosophy and pedagogy create inspiring and capable student performers and supports, develops and strengthens the work of professionals.

Owen Chan

Owen Chan is a high school drama teacher, improv enthusiast, and passionate supporter of live theatre. He came to teaching and improv at the same time as a member of the UBCi Improv Club in Vancouver, and is happy to have been a coach of dozens of improv troupes over the past decade.

As a founding member of The Kinkonauts Owen has performed in Calgary and on stages throughout North America, including Improvaganza and the Prairie Bowl at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton. During his down time you might find him playing the guitar, juggling, walking his dog or wearing bow-ties.

Jenna Goldade

Jenna Goldade is a graduate of the RDC Theatre Program and the RDC Motion Picture Arts Program. She is currently the Artistic Director of Against the Wall Theatre in Red Deer. She is the co-creator of Bull Skit! the comedy night that happens monthly in Red Deer, and producing Bull Prov! Calf Skit! and many more hilarious shows with ATW. She has performed with the Canadian Improv Guild (Calgary), Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary), Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), Seattle International Improv Festival, and iO (Chicago). Training credits include Second City improv and writing Intensives, iO Summer intensive, Loose Moose Theatre, and Rapid Fire Theatre. She is a teacher, improviser, producer, writer, director, and lover of the arts!

Dave Morris

Dave Morris is a speaker, teacher, and storyteller, but mostly he's an improviser. He's been teaching, producing and performing improvisation around Canada and the world for the last 15 years. He is the artistic director of the award-winning Paper Street Theatre co. in Victoria B.C., was a long-time volunteer and regional director for the Canadian Improv Games, and performs his one-man improvised storytelling shows to high acclaim. He has performed and taught at festivals around the world, including Seattle, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Chicago, and many more across Canada. He's busy often, but can always be busier.


We have three public workshops during the festival! You can sign up individually, or sign up for two or more and save yourself $10 per workshop!

Playing Resistance:

Why are some improvisors able to hold our attention on stage even when they aren't doing much? Some people are great entertainers, and some have a mystery to every performance. This workshop will help you level up your scene work: you will learn the secrets to actively “not talking” about what is happening while still building the scene and the relationship. You will learn how to build subtext and layers in every offer you make. And you will come away with skills to know when and how to “play resistance” and still say yes… and!

Playing Resistance, The Push and Pull:

  • Sat, April 13th, 2pm-5pm
    @ Intrepid Theatre
    Instructor: Owen Chan
  • $50* (+GST)
Registration Closed

Intimacy in Improvisation:

This workshop will explore how to approach intimacy in improvisational scene work. It will teach you how to recognize your own comfort, direct from within to protect your boundaries, recognize your partners comfort, and recognize consent. Much like stage combat, we will learn the step-by-step way to approach intimacy on stage with careful respect for one another without getting in our heads or sacrificing story. This workshop also offers alternatives to kissing and touching to create a sense of intimacy. You'll leave with lots of tools for creating authentically intimate moments without crossing boundaries.

Intimacy in Improvisation:

  • Sun, April 14th, 10am-1pm FULL
    @ Intrepid Theatre
    Instructor: Domeka Parker
  • $50* (+GST)
Registration Closed

The Building Blocks of Character:

In this workshop, Jenna Goldade will use her training as an actor to delve deep into character by looking at how we move our bodies, and use our voices. If you want to stretch yourself on stage, and leave with a better understanding of the characters you can play as well as the character you are, this workshop is for you. Expand your character repertoire!