Watch the Improvathon on Periscope! @PaperStTheatre

We did it! 26 hours of non-stop improvisation raised more than $4,000 towards the Paper Street Improv Festival!

Thank you to the 20 improvisers who performed, especially Scott Thompson and Taylor Montalbetti, who both did the FULL 26 hours and deserve to be captains of The Flying Team, and big thank you to Chris Rudram of Enigmatic Events who helped us with set-up, take-down, watching the door, running the internet, and still found time to host two hours of improv! And of course, thank you to everyone who came down and watched and cheered us on. And thank you to everyone who watched the livestream across Canada and the world - especially in the wee hours of the morning - you really helped keep us going when we were stupid-tired. Finally, thank you to everyone who donated, you've helped give us a reason to do what we love for longer than is appropriate, and you've helped make this year's festival a reality. AND SCENE!

If you see any of these improvisers around town, give them a high-five or hug, they deserve it: Scott Thompson, Taylor Montalbetti, Melanie Jane, Chaz David Booty, Stephan Herman, Helen Burger, Jonah McKeen, Lana Millott, Danielle Kay, Liz Colangelo, Elyott Ryan, Mark Tod, Andrew Brimstone, Sivert Gorachand Das, Olivia Karpyshyn, Holly Romanow, Alexandra Forman, John Overall, Gargi Bougie, Hannah Galloway, and Dave Morris.