Season 5

Paper Street Theatre's 5th season has concluded! This season consisted of the ball-busting business speak of Improv's for Closers (David Mamet), the explosive action and merriment of Lethal Christmas (Christmas Action Movie) and the dystopic futuristic narrative of The Handmade Tale (Margaret Atwood).

The Season is over, but we have our first ever Improv Festival coming up April 12th-16th and will be announcing our 6th Season this Summer.

Our Explosive 5th Season

Improv’s For Closers

Always. Be. Improvising. Inspired by the works of playwright David Mamet, Paper Street Theatre tackles the ball-busting world of business. Come enjoy an evening filled with fast-paced cutting dialogue as the disgruntled, the downtrodden and the overly ambitious do whatever it takes to get what they want - and probably fail. Some see the glass half empty; some see the glass half-full; some know the whole thing is bullshit.

Wednesday October 14th - Friday October 16th
8pm (10pm on Friday) | $15
@ Intrepid Studio Theatre

Lethal Christmas

Yippee-ki-yay Father Christmas! Action movies and holiday season make for some explosive fun in Paper Street's second show of the season. Inspired by 1980s films like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, there’s something about the holiday season that brings out the worst in bad guys, but thankfully there’s always a hard-working hero around when you need one. Strap in and hold onto your seat for this unrelenting action-packed holiday show!

Wednesday December 16th - Saturday December 19th
8pm | $15
@ Intrepid Studio Theatre

The Handmade Tale

In a dystopian future Paper Street’s improvisers struggle with gender politics and identity - and to stay alive. Inspired by the works of renowned Canadian author Margaret Atwood, this show captures her stark prose and the dark undercurrent that runs through her work. If you've ever loved a book by Atwood, this is one show you cannot miss.

Wednesday February 17th - Saturday February 20th
8pm | $15
@ Intrepid Studio Theatre