Under the direction of improviser and storyteller Dave Morris, The Paper Street Theatre co. creates improvisation that feels like theatre. By studying great playwrights, and theatrical styles then performing them with no script, our ensemble sets out to change what people often perceive improvisation to be. Some of what we do may be comedy, but first it will be theatre.

Paper Street Theatre has been featured at Festivals around the world, including Vancouver, London, Romania, Amsterdam, and more. They have won multiple awards for their innovative style of improvisation.

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Festival and Improvathon!

This year's 26hr Improvathon was a success. Dylan Clarke, Chaz Booty, Olivia Karparshyn, and Dave Morris did the full 26 hours with help from 18 other improvisers taking shifts throughout the day. We raised just shy of $3000! You can still watch some of the stream online on Periscope, if you want to relive the experience.

And of course, the reason we did an improvathon was to pay for the fourth Paper Street Theatre Improv Festival happening April 9th-13th Festival Tickets are on sale now.